Catherine Montague is the founder and principal designer of Montague Design, a Pittsburgh-based interior design, and international sourcing firm. Born in Paris, France, her French heritage, studies of English, German and Spanish, as well as a love of travel and cultural differences come together to form Catherine’s unique and sensible design perspective

Catherine lived in New York, NY, Scottsdale, AZ, and Naples, FL prior to Pittsburgh, PA. These contrasting cities exposed her to varied lifestyles and architecture, which added an adaptability factor to her design expertise. She loves the diversity of her firm’s projects because it allows for more creativity. Catherine gets to know her clients on a personal level so she can create a space that is unique to them.

Catherine’s promise is to craft a space not only beautiful but functional and comfortable. Expanding her residential practice to commercial design is a way for Catherine to shape an environment where people thrive at home and at work. Her life philosophy “love, compassion, and fun” is infused into each of her designs.