Terrence Dalton Wright is a member of the Legal Department for the National Realty Trust LLC. He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New York, the District of Columbia, Virginia as well as New Jersey as in-house counsel, and Connecticut as authorized house counsel. Mr. Wright is licensed as a Real Estate Broker, Certified Broker-Appraiser and is licensed to teach pre-license and real estate broker courses in Pennsylvania. He advises real estate companies owned by the National Realty Trust concerning all aspects of the real estate business. Additionally, Mr. Wright serves as the director and senior instructor of the Educational Development School of Real Estate and has held this position since he assumed the role in 1998. Previously he was the real estate program coordinator and senior instructor at Robert Morris University. Mr. Wright served as the president of the REALTORS® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh where he developed a partnership between the REALTORS® Association and La Roche College, resulting in La Roche offering the only four year degree program in real estate studies in south west Pennsylvania. He also served as the ACBA 2010-2011 Chair of the Real Property Section and is an adjunct faculty member at Duquesne University where he has taught real estate studies in the Duquesne University post graduate paralegal program. 

Mr. Wright retired from the military holding the rank of Colonel (0-6), following a 35 year military career comprised of combined service to the nation serving in the Regular Army, the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve. 

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