Peter has more than 27 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and has been with the VOLLMER Group since 1998. Working his way up from Sales Manager to Managing Director in the UK, he decided to also take on the role of President at VOLLMER of America in 2012 and has been travelling back and forth between both countries ever since.
Peter completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University.
Known for his ability to evaluate business from a broad perspective, Peter is in his element when identifying areas for improvement, whether it be cost savings, operational efficiency or business development. One of his biggest projects was building the new 30,000 square foot facility for VOLLMER Of America in Pittsburgh, PA which was completed in March of 2020 and set a benchmark within the machine tool industry when it comes to innovative technology and training centers – ensuring the company’s success not only in the present but also for many years to come.
Peter is a dedicated and committed management professional who is able to positively influence the workforce to think for themselves and to bring the company in line with its goals and vision. To him, communication and relationship building is vital. He invests time in those around him, knowing that it brings out the best in all concerned.