Tao Han

Tao Han

Distinguished Professor of High Energy Physics at University of Pittsburgh

My research field is in elementary particle physics theory, focusing on high-energy collider physics and in connection to astro-particle physics and cosmology. I formulate theoretical models of elementary particles and their interactions, and develop strategies to test the theory by experiments and observations. This research direction, bridging the abstract theory and experimental observation, is the field of Phenomenology.

The fundamental questions I have been contemplating on from theory, and seeking for an answer in experiments, include

  • The Higgs mechanism, electroweak symmetry breaking and mass generation
  • Fundamental forces and their unification
  • Symmetries and their breakdown:¬†Gauge-, Super-symmetry, CP Violation etc.
  • Nature of particle Dark Matter
  • Neutrino mass generation
  • Property of Space-time

I have been involved in the studies of the Higgs boson and associated physics for many years. The final discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 is a milestone and opens a window to physics beyond the Standard Model in the new frontiers. New facilities such as a “Higgs factory” and a 100-TeV hadron collider would be called for to understand Nature to a deeper level. The discovery of neutrino mass and oscillation has stimulated the theoretical development for further understanding of many fundamental aspects in particle physics. Experiments and observation in cosmology and astro-particle physics have deeply reached the regime to probe dark matter hypothesis associated with the weak scale new physics. Phenomenology is thus in a golden era and I am thrilled to play an active role in new discoveries associated with the above questions at the shortest distances of about 10-10 nm.

For further details of my research and some excititng results, please visit my personal web site here.


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