Brandi has dedicated her career to working with students with disabilities and their families. Combining her experience as a social worker with her passion for justice, Brandi opened Extraordinary Law, a law firm focused on advocating, educating, and litigating for children with special needs.

To parents whose children have just been diagnosed, Brandi will support your family in learning how to navigate the school systems. And for parents who have students receiving years of special needs services, Brandi will advocate for you in any dispute with the school district. Her expertise and passion to support families and students shines through each and every case, ensuring students’ needs are fully met and goals achieved. The purpose of Extraordinary Law is to empower families with the information and tools parents need to successfully support their student’s disability related needs. Extraordinary Law is a full service law firm, ready to support any family’s needs – in and out of the classroom.

Brandi K. Suter
Founder/Attorney Extraordinary Law