Thomas grew up wanting to be an attorney like his childhood hero, Abraham Lincoln. He realized as an adult that his grade school dream truly was a perfect fit: he was fascinated by legal arguments, loved the trial preparation process and thrived on the intellectual challenge of practicing law. Thomas gained a wide variety of commercial and civil litigation experience early in his career and is extensively familiar with the courtroom. He’s passionate about building new arguments and finding new applications of the law.
Today, Thomas focuses his practice on toxic tort and product liability matters and is particularly experienced at asbestos litigation, which arises frequently in the West Virginia and western Pennsylvania venues where he often works. He values practicing in a broad area of law where each case and its trial preparation differ subtly.
Known for his focus on the big picture, Thomas understands that mass tort litigation is nearly always far more extensive for clients than a single case. He is aware that any strategy he pursues, any outcome he achieves, any settlement he negotiates can set precedent for the client nationwide, and he takes care to ensure that his efforts are in line with broader needs and goals. Thomas aims to help clients develop sustainable long-term toxic tort strategies, and clients comment that he leaves them feeling confident they’re prepared for future litigation.